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Q. How do I shape my eyebrows to suit my face shape? And is there a pain free way?

A. Good question. Cleanly shaped and defined brows give a groomed appearance to the face and the shape of them can significantly change the way you look. Face shapes are a factor in determining how to style your brows, but because face shapes are sometimes hard to determine by yourself, or can be a combination of 2 face shapes, the best thing to do is just keep to the natural line of your brows. I'd go to a reputable salon to get them done professionally the first time, and then you can maintain the brows by plucking new hairs. It costs between $12-$20 to get an eyebrow wax, depending on the work that has to be done. Be wary of letting the therapist do their thang... explain clearly what you want and dont want i.e. 'please dont leave me brow-less'. The genereal brow shape that suits most people is soft angled, with a rounded peak and tapered end.

The ouch factor depends on your pain threshold, and just a little lady tip for you, just before and during that time of the month, your pain threshold will be lower than normal, meaning ouchies feel more like #$%^&*!!!! Pluck your brows after a hot shower, as your pores will be open and more willing to be ripped of its follicles (!). If it all gets too much, apply a numbing gel like ye olde Bonjela. No pain, no gain, my prettys.

Invest in quality tools. Cash strapped? Manicare will sort you out.

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